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i’m excited. there’s this thing. and i think it’s cool. and you all have to think it’s cool too… deal?

in brief: multimap twitterbot and our video presentation from hackday (an iphone spoof)

ok. as a little side project that’s been going on, we’ve created the multimap twitterbot as announced on the multimap blog today. i honestly think it’s really useful. you can get directions (what we call a ‘route summary’ so it should tell you the main roads you have to take), find and get directions to your nearest *everything* and also it’s a handy way to get links to the multimap site. there’s instructions on the user guide page, let me know if you have any difficulty with it and i’ll help you out.

i’m delighted that it’s now out in the wild and if even one person finds it useful or cool i’ll be more than happy :)

this all ties in with hackday (see my photos)… it seems the done thing to blog about what you hacked so here goes…

richard and i spent our time integrating the twitterbot with the newly announced yahoo fireeagle. basically we used fireeagle to store a user’s location meaning they could set their location once then just do messages like ‘to closest wikipedia’ rather than ‘to closest wikipedia from sw1′ or whatever. even though it’s still very much beta, fireeagle looks fantastic and i’m really excited about where it’s headed (i was lucky enough to sneak a chat with the extremely approachable mor naaman and tom coates about it at the 24 hours of flickr event).

anyway, i absolutely loved the video presentation we made about it (a parody of the apple iphone ads), thanks to RK’s fabulous editing skillz we were able to put together something i don’t think we would have bettered in a week’s work… take a look at the final product:

so to finish off, please try the twitterbot…!

breaking news! the guys at twitter blogged about our bot! yippeee!


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