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it was touch and go for a while. i installed a few jailbreak applications one after another without exiting the installer and shortly after the iphone application launcher kept rebooting itself every 10 seconds. an infinite loop of rebooting and no way out i could think of. this meant i couldn’t uninstall anything or reset anything and neither itunes nor ziphone was registering a connected iphone… big uh oh.restarting the iphone by holding both home and hold didn’t help either. every time the home page came up it popped up the

Edit Home Screen. To rearrange icons, touch and hold any icon until it starts to wiggle, then drag icons to desired locations. Drag an icon to the far right to create additional Home screens. Press the Home button when done. DismissĀ 

it was only a matter of seconds after pressing dismiss that it restarted the home screen and popped up again. i did manage to become quite the whizz and even once managed to get as far as choosing

Erase All Content and SettingsĀ 

from the reset menu in the general menu of settings (if you think about how much time i had between reboots you might find the speed of that menu traversal mildly impressive). however, the erase was cut short by YAB (yet another reboot).my guess is that the addition of new applications messed with the first home page, somehow overloading it with more than the maximum 16 apps. even if i edited the home screen in the few seconds i had, none of the icons gave the option to delete and none would move to the second page. told me that some other people had the same problem: and all hope was not lost since some people had managed to get out of it. somehow. they didn’t provide much detail. typical.then (hallelujah!) i found this: break the loop and restore your iphone you need to do the following:

  1. turn off your iphone by holding down the home and hold buttons for about 10-15 seconds. make sure it’s off and not rebooting.
  2. plug your usb lead into your iphone but not your computer.
  3. hold down the home button.
  4. still holding down home, plug the usb lead into the computer.
  5. fire up itunes and restore iphone to original settings.
  6. breathe.

i’m sure this will be the solution to other iphone jailbreak/crashing/unresponsive/weird problems. hopefully someone out there who gets themselves into a tricky spot like i did will find this useful.


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